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nxtedition represents a new era in narrative-driven broadcasting. Our intuitive ‘single window’ scripting and production platform provides a seamless storytelling experience for journalists and creatives. This integrated, story-centric approach enables nxtedition users to deliver news significantly faster — up to 6 minutes quicker than those using more conventional methods. By enhancing every role in the production process, nxtedition ensures comprehensive efficiency, extending beyond just the control room. Since our inception in 2012, nxtedition has been pioneering in the realm of video production, redefining the traditional broadcast workflow. We’ve replaced outdated and complex broadcast equipment with our innovative virtual microservices architecture. This shift not only simplifies the production process but also empowers creatives to focus on content rather than technical complexities. A key part of our technological advancement is the integration of AI, particularly with the inclusion of OpenAI’s Whisper speech-to-text service. This AI-driven innovation offers real-time transcription capabilities, enabling efficient, automated archiving, and transforming live and recorded speech into searchable metadata. This cutting-edge feature streamlines the production process, reduces reliance on external services, and opens up new possibilities for content creation and management. Discover nxtedition’s pioneering approach to broadcast storytelling at:

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