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OpusClip is the world's #1 AI video clipping and editing tool that turns your long videos into viral short videos in one click. ( Trusted by over 5 million creators, broadcasters, and media companies, including Scott Galloway, Grant Cardone, Valuetainment, and Univision, OpusClip has successfully revolutionized how video professionals are able to curate, edit, repurpose, and distribute their content. Curious about our generative AI tech or want to get a sneak peak at what the future of AI video clipping and editing looks like? April 15th, 3pm, on the Creator Lab Stage: Join Roberto Blake, YouTube expert and one of OpusClip's biggest fans, as he breaks down how video innovators are utilizing this AI and previews the cutting-edge advancements that are coming soon. Want to master your OpusClip skills? April 16th, 11:40am, at the Creator Lab high tables: Join our in depth workshop and learn how to master the tool through the eyes of it's inventors. OpusClip's AI crafts high quality short videos using your existing footage by comprehensively analyzing it, extracting all the compelling moments, reframing it, and seamlessly stitching it into dozens of cohesive clips, all ranked by our proprietary virality model. Our OpenAI powered tool also automatically adds captions, emojis, and B-Rolls from both stock and AI to your clips. OpusClip is saving brands 400%+ on their short form video editing. If you've made it this far, don't be a stranger, come say hi!

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