Solving Chaos in the Newsroom: Cloud-based Storytelling to Revolutionize the Media Landscape

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, April 16   |   2:10 PM - 2:30 PM PT

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News production is constantly evolving and in the wake of the pandemic, it has had to evolve faster than ever. It is tempting to say that news events themselves happen faster today. This could be explained by the fact that it is possible to produce much more granular information about news events. The desire to consume news content is more granular too. It's a perfect storm that creates an enormous number of (1) content & topics to manage, (2) people and roles to coordinate, (3) stories to cover & produce, (4) platforms to distribute to, (5) expectations from the audience (speed, accuracy, quality, customizations).

Finding a better way to manage the chaos is a significant driver for change. Add in the growing budgetary constraints, and the need for change is urgent. Luckily, technology allows us to square this circle.

This paper/presentation will explore how implementing cloud-based news storytelling can streamline operations to manage chaos and optimize ROI. It will cover trends in technology and key newsroom working practices, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence – Newsroom UI/UX powered by AI 

    • AI without interfaces dedicated to news and without MAM/orchestration is useless to journalists    

  • Story-centric – A key concept for visibility & collaboration across teams & all platforms

    • At each step of the story flow – coordination, newsgathering, editing, distribution – there should always be visibility and collaboration

  • Alignment –  Enhance synergies between editorial decisions and technical processes

  • Elasticity – Never run out of resources & scale up for breaking news events.

  • Security – Best practices for protecting sensitive information without compromising collaboration

Readers/attendees will learn how they can unify their news operations on a cloud-native platform and produce news using any assets from anywhere in the world, becoming more responsive to fast-changing situations.

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Content Creation and Delivery Technology


Stephane Guez
Co-founder and principal