Media in the cloud: Addressing the Fundamentals to Enable AI and Automated Workflows

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Originally Aired - Monday, April 15   |   3:00 PM - 3:30 PM PT

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The shift to the cloud for media and its workflows is undeniable. This was accelerated by the pandemic. Now, many organizations are re-looking at their operations, top to bottom, especially with an eye toward how AI can help streamline these.

AI is great, but the fact is that it can't do its job especially when it comes to today's cross-vendor and cross-platform reality without some fundamentals being addressed.

Real efforts are underway to break down as many of these barriers as possible.

Wouldn't it be cool to have AI automatically select the services needed to process media automatically? Selecting the most appropriate services based on when the job has to be done, cost, and carbon footprint are things that today must be done manually (so in many cases, this is not managed at all). This is a perfect application of AI, which can learn which services are available and most appropriate at the time of executing each tiny job on media.

How about discovering new services and products and bringing them online automatically? Again, today, this is becoming increasingly problematic (and nearly impossible) to do manually. New services and microservices are coming online constantly. How do you recognize each of those, identify their capabilities, and control them? Given the right infrastructure, this is another great job for AI.

How about providing live streams to the many B2C streaming outlets available? You don't want to know how this is handled today. It's analagous to not wanting to know how hot dogs are made! Again, with the right approaches agreed to, this is something that can and should be fully automated, with potential AI assistance in onboarding new streaming outlets as they inevitably appear (we have all seen how quickly this area has expanded).

A group of experts will look at efforts in the industry to address these challenges and enable automation via AI when it comes to media processing.


Chris Lennon – Moderator, Director – Standards Strategy, Ross Video and Executive Director – Open Services Alliance

Angshuman Patra -- CEO -- NStarX

Renard Jenkins -- President -- SMPTE

Loic Barbou -- Head of Technology -- Bloomberg Media

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Examining AI in Media Uses Cases


Loic Barbou
Head of Technology
Bloomberg Media
Renard Jenkins
Chris Lennon
Office of the CTO: Director, Standards Strategy
Ross Video
Angshuman Patra
NStarX Inc.