Ethical Content Creation: Monetize Your Work… Don’t Sell Your Soul

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Originally Aired - Sunday, April 14   |   2:00 PM - 3:00 PM PT

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Creating compelling content is really a challenge.  Whom do you serve?  The audience? Your sponsors? Or yourself?  
Learning to balance your relationships as well as the content you produce is important. Additionally, as content creators we have to remember that our work stands on its own, so we have an ethical responsibility to those who watch it.

Join Richard Harrington who has been behind and in front of a camera for 25 years.  His work includes content for top brands like Apple, Adobe, Skylum, Mylio, and Radiant Imaging Labs.  
He’s also produced educational content for several nonprofits like the Red Cross, American Diabetes Association, and the Obesity Action Coalition.

  • How to create a foundation of ethics to build your content upon
  • How to be truthful about sponsorships and financial relationships
  • How to choose what to talk about and what to avoid for a long career
  • How to create genuine content that you’re proud of while still being able to make a living
  • Other ways to monetize your work fairly
  • How to pay it back and pay it forward for good karma


Richard Harrington
CEO & Founder