Revolutionizing the Entertainment Landscape: Legion M's Leadership in Equity Crowdfunding

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Tuesday, April 16   |   11:00 AM - 11:50 AM PT

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Join us for an insightful panel discussion as we delve into the shifting landscape of entertainment with a spotlight on the first fan-owned media company and its role in pioneering equity crowdfunding in it. Legion M. Company CEO and co-founder Paul Scanlan will showcase how Legion M is reshaping the industry by democratizing the business, challenging the traditional studio system and opening doors for fans to become genuine stakeholders in the creative process.

Scanlan, along with other creatives, will share his expertise and insights into the transformative power of equity crowdfunding, highlighting how they have utilized the collective passion of its community to fund and support diverse and compelling content across films such as the recent SXSW premiere of My Dead Friend Zoe (starring Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman, executive produced by Travis Kelce) the documentary William Shatner: You Can Call Me Bill and the upcoming horror/thriller The Man in the White Van from Relativity Media as Legion M leads the charge towards a more accessible and fan-driven industry.


Phillip Alvelda
CEO & Chairman
Infinite Entertainment


Paul Scanlan
Co-Founder and CEO
Legion M