SMPTE Camera Metadata and Tracking for VFX / VP - The Missing Link

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Originally Aired - Sunday, April 14   |   3:30 PM - 4:30 PM PT

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The standardization of how metadata from camera, lenses and tracking is collected and pass through a digital pipeline is important for the future development of virtual production, real-time 3D, visual effects and other related industries. 

Standards are all around us, and we often take them for granted without even thinking about how life would be like without them. In the field of entertainment technology, we rely on hundreds of standards on a day to day basis to ensure that your DVD player can play any of your favorite movies, or that your production switcher can receive an SDI signal from any camera. In the field of virtual production, devices that have traditionally existed in silos are now required to interoperate, often leading to expensive and time consuming development, and proprietary and closed source solutions. Join us in this session where four industry experts discuss why standards are necessary, what standards we’re missing in the field of virtual production, and why collaboration across traditional boundaries is a necessity for long term success.

This session’s speakers will discuss the latest updates from the SMPTE RiS OSVP Interoperability Workstream committee for Camera Lens Metadata & Camera Tracking. A resource created by this committee includes the CAMDKIT which software manufacturers can adopt to help track important metadata fields provided by cinema cameras and lenses for Visual Effects. Examples of current projects include a Circle of Confusion study for digital sensors, standardizing Lens Profile communication and the development of a new Camera Tracking work stream


Marcus Bengtsson
Chief Technology Officer
Original Syndicate
Ramiro Montes De Oca
Co-Founder and Director of R&D
Immersive Dimension
David Stump
Director of Photography / Visual Effects Supervisor / Stereographer
David Stump
James Uren
Technical Director
Mo-Sys Engineering


Snehal Patel
Director / Producer
Fearless Productions