Think Global, Act Local: Expanding Your Audience with Subtitles, Dubbing, and Translation

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, April 16   |   11:30 AM - 11:45 AM PT

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More than 92% of all Internet users around the world watch videos online every week, with YouTube
boasting more than 5 billion videos viewed every day and Snapchat accounting for nearly 14 billion daily
video views. That’s a lot of people eager to watch your content, but are your videos speaking to

Localizing your video content – adding dubbing, subtitles, and translations to make it more accessible to
different audiences in different locales – ensures that you’re connecting with all your viewers. In fact,
videos with subtitles or dubbing have six times more engagement than non-localized content. 

Join VITAC, one of YouTube’s preferred localization partners, on Tuesday, April 16, as Claire Brown,
Vice President of Strategic Sales, discusses how easy it is to localize your videos and how adding things like
subtitles can help boost your video’s SEO ranking, improve user experience, and increase your brand


Claire Brown
Vice President of Strategic Sales


Robin Raskin
CEO & Founder
Virtual Events Group