AI TRACK: Applying AI/ML Techniques for Live Video Transcoding

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Monday, April 15   |   2:00 PM - 2:30 PM PT

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The integration of AI and ML techniques in video encoding has revolutionized efficiency by enhancing compression algorithms, optimizing bitrate allocation, and reducing computational complexity. Using AI/ML, video encoders can better understand and adapt to content characteristics, allowing for more effective compression without sacrificing quality. This presentation will showcase how the AMD Alveo MA35D can leverage techniques like machine learning-based rate control, content-aware encoding, and adaptive quantization to enable encoders to dynamically adjust encoding parameters based on different video segments' complexity and perceptual importance, leading to significant bitrate savings while maintaining or even enhancing visual quality.

Keywords: Streaming Media, Streaming Summit, Streaming Video, Dan Rayburn, OTT 


Ramdas Satyan
Senior Member of Technical Staff