Retro Reimagined: Monetizing the Future of Interactive TV - Session + Happy Hour

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Monday, April 15   |   4:40 PM - 6:00 PM PT

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Join Andy Beach, CTO of Media at Microsoft; Laura Florence, SVP of Global Channels at Fremantle; Rick Champagne, Director, Media & Entertainment at NVIDIA; Ramki Sankaranarayanan, CEO of Prime Focus Technologies; Cory Zachman, SVP Engineering & Services of MediaKind; and Mark Moeder, CEO of SymphonyAI, as they discuss the transformative journey of classic content into the interactive digital era. Panelists will delve into "Beat the BUZZR®️," an innovative showcase demonstration at NAB Show's Capitalize Zone that illustrates the power of dynamic interactivity melded with Fremantle's treasure trove of game show archives. They will explore how collaboration between Microsoft, NVIDIA and a vast partner ecosystem breathes new life into beloved classics, elevating the viewer's experience from passive consumption to active engagement with interactive quizzes, trivia and personalized insights. From the technical intricacies of AI-powered metadata enrichment and advanced channel playout to the thrill of competitive community building and strategic ad insertions, speakers will cover the entire spectrum of creating a lucrative, interactive TV landscape. They will also highlight the potential of technologies like Azure AI, MediaKind's solutions, Alice & Smith's XR server, and SymphonyAI's analytics tools in revolutionizing content delivery and engagement.
Discover how "Beat the BUZZR®️" not only entertains but also introduces a competitive edge, fostering a global community where viewers vie for recognition. Learn how it leverages real-time data analytics for personalized advertising and dynamic sponsorship opportunities, carving out new paths for monetization and transforming the very act of watching TV into an immersive, participatory adventure.
Each panelist brings a unique perspective, from spearheading media technology's cutting edge to directing global content channels and innovating within AI analytics. Their combined insights will offer a comprehensive view of the future, where technology meets nostalgia, and engagement drives revenue.

Be sure to stick around for the Microsoft Happy Hour to network and follow up with representatives from these companies about their interactive demonstration!


Andy Beach
CTO for Media and Entertainment Industry
Rick Champagne
Director of Global Media & Entertainment Industry Strategy and Marketing
Laura Florence
Senior Vice President of Global Channels
Mark Moeder
President, Media Division
Ramki Sankaranarayanan
Founder and CEO
Prime Focus Technologies Limited
Cory Zachman
SVP, Engineering & Services