FCC Enforcement - New Self-Inspection Guides Can Help Your Station Avoid Fines

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Tuesday, April 16   |   3:30 PM - 4:30 PM PT

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The FCC has imposed large fines and penalties on broadcast stations for failing to operate in accordance with its rules.  A program of regular compliance assessment, either through self-inspection or through a state’s Alternate Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) can prepare your station for an unannounced visit by the FCC and avoid potential forfeitures. The FCC had published Broadcast Self-Inspection Checklists but stopped updating those checklists in 2010.  Many rules and policies have changed over the past 14 years, but those changes are not centralized or organized into a form that is easy for stations to use.  To address this need, SBE and NAB have jointly prepared updated self-inspection guides that provide straightforward recommendations toward compliance with the FCC’s rules and policies.  These new guides also provide a standardized framework for ABIP inspectors.  The release of the first of these new guides (for FM and TV stations) is being announced at the NABShow, and additional guides for other services will be available soon.  This session will announce availability of the Self-Inspection Guides, detail common compliance issues, and ABIP inspectors and other experts will take your questions on compliance issues.  


Steve Campbell
Ted Hand
Society of Broadcast Engineers
Ched Keiler
E Three
Jim Ragsdale
Executive Director
Society of Broadcast Engineers
Michelle Vetterkind
Wisconsin Broadcasters Association
Robert Weller
VP for Spectrum Policy
National Association of Broadcasters