Navigating Time. When is Real Time No Longer Real Time - and Does it Matter?

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Originally Aired - Sunday, April 14   |   10:00 AM - 10:30 AM PT

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Since the advent of television in the early 20th century, navigating time and timing in broadcasting has been an ongoing challenge. In the early days of analogue television, latency within the production environment was a minimal issue as there were very few mechanisms that were capable of creating significant delay to signals. The issues then were more around the challenge of actually achieving wide area connectivity, which were very restrictive – and often involved the physical transport of a reel of film!

Today's digital domain boasts minimal memory costs and efficient buffers, strategically embracing latency to cushion the unpredictability of live feeds. The modern challenge lies in the immutable laws of physics: the unavoidable 200 milliseconds for signals to orbit our planet, courtesy of the speed of light in fibre optics.

This panel delves into the nuances of 'live'—deciphering what constitutes acceptable delay in an era where immediacy is both expected and revered. We will uncover the critical elements of time and timing from a creative production standpoint, scrutinizing the impact of technological advancements. Our discussion will illuminate how professionals navigate the balance between technological limitations and the relentless pursuit of seamless, instantaneous communication in a globally connected world.

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Workflows and Latency


Andy Beale
BT Sport/WBD
Andy Rayner
Evan Statton
Enterprise Technologist on Media & Entertainment, Games, and Sports