Navigating Security in the Live Distributed Production Landscape

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Originally Aired - Saturday, April 13   |   3:00 PM - 3:20 PM PT

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In the rapidly evolving domain of live distributed production, the imperative of security looms large for all stakeholders. With the paradigm shift from traditional to virtual content creation and distribution, the complexities of safeguarding media assets have multiplied. This session delves into the heart of modern security challenges faced by the media production industry, particularly emphasizing the dual aspects of asset protection and secure content transport.

The early days of tangible film reels and videotapes have given way to the digital age, where content exists in a nebulous yet vulnerable state. Our contemporary concerns traverse the spectrum from the theft and unauthorized replication of digital media assets to the increasingly prevalent risk of service disruption. Such disruptions not only jeopardize the integrity of the content but also the reputation and financial stability of content creators and distributors.

In this landscape, not all threats are born of malice. Human error, system failures, and inadvertent data leaks represent a significant portion of the non-malicious risks that can lead to substantial breaches in security. These vulnerabilities necessitate a robust and proactive security posture to mitigate potential damage.

This presentation will shed light on the state-of-the-art mechanisms and tools currently employed to fortify infrastructures against these threats and navigate the intricacies of cybersecurity measures tailored to live distributed production environments, such as advanced encryption technologies and more.

Moreover, the session will carve out a path for the future, considering the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats, the development of next-generation security solutions and the collaborative efforts required to establish a resilient and secure digital production ecosystem.

By attending this session, participants will gain a nuanced understanding of the security landscape in live distributed production, equipped with practical knowledge and strategic insights to navigate this dynamic field.

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Cybersecurity for Broadcasters


Andy Rayner