IEEE BTS: ATSC 3.0 Business Case and Monetization

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Saturday, April 13   |   3:00 PM - 4:00 PM PST

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This session, hosted by the IEEE BTS, investigates monetizing ATSC 3.0 which would promote new business models that could create new revenue streams for stations. Participants will present their ideas for a panel of experts to determine their investive worth. These ideas will include:

  1. Delivering Radio within an ATSC 3.0 Transmit Stream
  2. Utilizing GPS/Geolocation services via the ATSC 3.0 TS
    1. Sinclair has led the charge to utilize Geolocated datacasting, providing data to cars, drones, supply chain providers, etc. within a particular station’s footprint.
    2. NAB has developed and proposed a GPS backup system they have named “BPS”, and are exploring funding and partners for it.
  3. Pearl has promoted Targeted Advertising; what about Targeted Membership? Additionally, overlay advertising to specific areas can open up new streams of revenue
  4. Delivering data to First Responders via the TS (both video/audio at emergency sites)
  5. Increased advertising revenues due to more back channel availability with a larger bitstream.
  6. Increased utilization of Virtual ATSC 3.0 channels (like how South Florida PBS has gone “ATSC 3.0” only via an IP stream, not OTA)
  7. Other Datacasting business models


Mark Barrington
Barrington Technology, LLC
Terry Douds
Broadcast Operations Supervisor
John McCoskey
Chief Operating Officer
Liam Power
Systems Engineer
ONE Media Technologies