Budget Powered Productions Workshop

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Originally Aired - Friday, April 12   |   9:00 AM - 5:00 PM PT

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Gaining access to an audience has never been easier. Gaining access to great gear isn’t always easy. Is it possible to create polished, powerful content without the gear everyone else seems to be using?


In this interactive workshop, we’ll discuss sound, lighting, support equipment, shoot-for-edit best-practices, and outputs for broad distribution platform access. Attendees will have the opportunity to work with the instructor in setting up the “production” and equipment setup.

Planning production will include an overview of equipment that best-suits the needs of the production. Not all gear works for all types of capture scenarios!

Audio - Dive into this workshop where attendees will experience various microphones and where/how to use them. We will zero in on best-practices for the various types of microphones and their specific use cases, including some of the challenges with wireless systems.

Lighting – Experience portable lighting equipment that doesn’t break the bank yet while providing big budget quality, and experience a variety of guaranteed setups, built for speed and flexibility. Attendees will assist and direct lighting setup with the instructor.

Production – We will discuss shooting for the edit, editing techniques to speed the process, and outputs. Attendees will also experience the “art of the interview,” a series of interview techniques for the shy interviewer or the reluctant interviewee, guaranteed to produce a comfortable word flow. This workshop is all about YOU the attendee; be ready to work with Douglas “on set” as the discussed equipment is setup for a small production at the end of the workshop.


Douglas Spotted Eagle
Director of Educational Programming
Sundance Media Group