Get the Best Results When Shooting Portraits on an iPhone

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, April 16   |   4:30 PM - 5:30 PM PT

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Unlock the potential of your mobile photography with Caroline Tran's class on creating professional-looking portraits using your iPhone. In this session, you'll learn essential techniques and best practices to elevate your portraits for various purposes, whether it's for your business, social media, or documenting your daily life.

Session Highlights:

Choosing the Right Lens and Angles:

  • Understand the capabilities of different iPhone lenses for portrait photography.
  • Learn how to choose the right angles to flatter your subjects and enhance the overall composition.

Mastering Lighting for Mobile Portraits:

  • Explore best practices for utilizing available light to create well-lit and professional-looking portraits.
  • Understand how to make the most of natural and artificial light sources for stunning results.

Composition Techniques for Impactful Portraits:

  • Dive into composition principles tailored for mobile portrait photography.
  • Learn how to frame subjects effectively, creating visually engaging and aesthetically pleasing portraits.

Whether you're a photography enthusiast, business owner, or social media content creator, this class is designed to empower you with the skills needed to capture professional-looking portraits using your iPhone. Join Caroline Tran and take your mobile photography to the next level.



Caroline Tran
Caroline Tran