Streaming 3D movies to Apple Vision Pro with MV-HEVC

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, April 16   |   2:00 PM - 2:30 PM PT

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Multiview High Efficiency Video Coding (MV-HEVC) is an HEVC extension focused on efficiently coding spatially related images, such as a left eye and right eye views of 3D stereoscopic content. MV-HEVC gained widespread attention with Apple announcing support for 3D movies on the Apple Vision Pro at WWDC23. Apple provided public guidelines on stereo video encoding, packaging, and streaming as well as on providing parallax information to improve caption placement. Dolby also published a new Dolby Vision profile for MV-HEVC, enabling delivery of 3D movies in HDR to compatible consumer displays.

This panel will review performance of MV-HEVC in industrial settings for top tier streaming platforms. High dynamic range and high framerate visual impact will be highlighted. Deployment aspects such as content adaptive encoding, grain management, packaging and captioning will be discussed. 3D-specific rate control optimization strategies will be described.


Jonas Klittmark
Director of Business & Product
Dolby Laboratories
Scott Labrozzi
VP, Core Media Technology / Engineering Fellow
Disney Streaming
Mickael Raulet
Josh Tidsbury
Senior Manager, Technology Evangelism


Nadine Krefetz
Contributing Editor
Streaming Media Magazine