Strategies for Streamlining Video Processing, Packaging, Playback, and Delivery

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Monday, April 15   |   2:45 PM - 3:45 PM PT

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Addressing the challenge of delivering media content to diverse audiences at local, regional, and global levels involves ensuring accessibility across various devices and user environments. This session will delve into impactful decisions and optimal practices for media packaging to enhance playback and delivery to end users. Important topics that will be covered include different formats and frameworks, ways to lower latency in real-time and time-sensitive applications, guarantee consistent and high-quality playback, and how integrating services like security and advertising affects playback, packaging, and stream delivery.

Keywords: Streaming Media, Streaming Summit, Streaming Video, Dan Rayburn, OTT


Director, Streaming & Broadcast Distribution
Sean McCarthy
Director, Product, Video Technology Group
Paramount Global
Neal Roberts
Senior Director, Live Experiences
Warner Bros. Discovery


Victoria Tuzova
Business Development
Elecard, Women in Streaming