Walsh, John and Callahan

Walsh, John and Callahan

Hosts at America's Most Wanted


John Walsh is the Emmy®-winning, longtime host and executive producer of America’s Most Wanted – the groundbreaking reality program that helped law enforcement capture more than 1,100 dangerous fugitives and brought home more than 50 missing children since its debut in 1988. The program aired on FOX for 24 seasons. A successor to the show, In Pursuit with John Walsh, is currently filming it’s fifth season. Since In Pursuit’s first season, 46 fugitives have been captured and 8 missing children have been recovered.

John never sought the role of crime fighter and victims’ advocate, but it has been his life’s mission since July 27, 1981 – the day his 6-year-old child, Adam, was abducted from a shopping mall near his home in Hollywood, Florida. Adam was found murdered two weeks later.

The case remained unsolved for 27 years. But in December 2008, after a long investigation that was re-opened by the Hollywood Police Department – and with assistance from dedicated active and retired criminal justice professionals – Adam’s case was finally closed. Long-time prime suspect Ottis Toole was undeniably named Adam’s killer. Toole – a drifter with a long criminal record – died years earlier in prison, while serving time for other crimes. Although Adam’s case was finally closed, the pain of their loss lives on.

The Walshes’ experience showed them that the nation was in desperate need of a coordinated national response to the issues of missing and sexually exploited children. Together, they founded the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in 1984, after President Ronald Reagan signed the “Missing Children’s Assistance Act.” NCMEC, as it’s known, has been at the forefront of child protection for more than 37 years.

A hero to law enforcement, John has been honored numerous times by many local, state and federal agencies. In addition to being named “Man of the Year” by both the U.S. Marshals Service and the FBI, John was also made an honorary U.S. Marshal. He is only the third person to receive this honor in the organization’s 200-plus-year history.

John and his wife Revé have been blessed with three more children and the couple has six grandchildren. John and Revé remain very active with NCMEC and continue to fight for victims’ rights and for justice throughout the United States and wherever children or crime victims are in need.


Callahan Walsh is a child advocate for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) and serves as co-host alongside his father, John Walsh, for FOX’s upcoming season of America’s Most

Wanted. In addition, he co-hosts In Pursuit with John Walsh. He is the son of John and Revé Walsh, who co-founded NCMEC in 1984 after the kidnapping and murder of their first son, Adam.

In addition to co-hosting, Callahan can also regularly be seen on various media outlets such as FOX NEWS, Good Morning America and CNN promoting NCMEC’s child safety programs. Following in his parent’s footsteps, Callahan unwavering commitment to the cause of missing and exploited children, combined with his impactful presence in the world of true crime television, reflects a lifelong dedication to making the world a safer place for our most vulnerable individuals. His work continues to inspire and bring hope to countless families across the nation.

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