Chung, Wilis

Chung, Wilis

Founder at Sclera Digital

Willis Chung has established himself as an IATSE Local 600 Digital Imaging Technician since the early 2000s, working on numerous commercials and feature films including prominent Gtles such as "Game of Thrones," "Thor 2," and "Need for Speed." In 2013, Willis embarked on a new professional endeavor by assuming the role of US MarkeGng Director at the DJI US MarkeGng Office, where he played a pivotal role in the strategic transformaGon of a hobby-oriented tech company into a prominent enGty within the realm of professional cinema equipment.

In 2017, Willis’ started Sclera Digital where it evolved into a leading provider of custom bonded WiFi soluGons, leveraging advanced technologies such as high-powered bonded modems, high- gain antennas, and custom Starlink satellite receivers. These soluGons are tailored to meet the demanding connecGvity requirements of the film, television, and events industries, with a focus on encrypted streaming, camera-to-cloud integraGon, and versaGle general-purpose applicaGons.

In addiGon to his role at Sclera Digital, Willis is the founder of Mad Minds Entertainment, a producGon company specializing in creaGng commercials and films for esteemed tech and fashion brands such as Segway, TikTok, and Versace.

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