Delaney, Kate

Delaney, Kate

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Kate Delaney is a distinguished national broadcasting luminary, boasting two decades of experience during which she has conducted captivating interviews with over 17,000 newsmakers and authors in both the radio and television realms. Her exceptional journalistic skills have earned her prestigious accolades, such as a Television Emmy for her profound report on the AIDS epidemic in New Mexico and multiple Golden Mic Awards for her insightful series on immigration.

In addition to her impressive broadcasting career, Kate is a prolific author. She's written four books including, "Deal Your Own Destiny," published by Forbes, it is a compelling guide that imparts valuable life lessons. It offers profound insights into achieving balance between one's professional and personal life, as well as committing to a purpose-driven path.

Beyond the studio and writing desk, Kate's broadcasting adventures have taken her to diverse locations, from the slums of Guayaquil, Ecuador, to the serene waters of Maui, Hawaii. Her radio show, "America Tonight," a nightly syndication, reaches an impressive audience of three million listeners. Kate's engaging interviews have included luminaries from the business world and hall of fame athletes, cementing her status as a respected voice in the industry.

In addition to her broadcasting and writing endeavors, Kate is in high demand as a speaker at national and international business summits and leadership events. She collaborates with esteemed organizations like Leadercast Women, Bank of America, and Deloitte, sharing her expertise and insights. Furthermore, Kate has lent her strategic counsel to CEOs across a multitude of industries as an Executive Coach and strategic consultant.

Kate Delaney's remarkable career journey is punctuated by her dedication to cutting through the noise in communication, an ethos she carries with her on and off the airwaves. With her passion for enlightening conversations and her commitment to empowering others, Kate remains an influential figure in the world of broadcasting and leadership.

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