Blake, Roberto

Blake, Roberto

Creative Entrepreneur, Marketer, Speaker, Author at Awesome Creator Academy

Roberto Blake is a Creative Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker and currently the head of Create Awesome Media and the Founder of Awesome Creator Academy, where he and his team help other Creators grow their audience and income to become full-time Creators. Forbes named Roberto as one of the 20 Must Watch YouTube Channels that Will Change Your Business.

Roberto is the Bestselling Author of the book “Create Something Awesome: How Creators Are Profiting Their Passion in the Creator Economy”.  Roberto educates creators on how to start creating high-value content, grow an engaged audience, and generate a full-time income from YouTube, Podcasting, and Live Streaming.  

On the YouTube channel where Roberto educates aspiring Creators and Entrepreneurs he has gained over 600,000 Subscribers and over 40 Million Video Views.  

To date, Roberto has earned over $2M in revenue as a full-time Creator grown his audience to over 600,000, and generated over 40M views. He has worked with over 500 Creators who collectively have generated 5 Billion views.

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