Presslaff, Ruth

Presslaff, Ruth

Founder at Presslaff Interactive Revenue

Plain and simple, Ruth Presslaff, founder of Presslaff Interactive Revenue, is a data geek.  She doesn't know how it happened, it just did.

Ruth estimates she has overseen the sending of over a billion emails to millions of opted-in listeners, viewers and readers.  The email campaigns, contests and surveys Ruth and her company created generated similarly impressive revenue for clients the world over.

Ruth has counted the biggest broadcast companies and the smallest market publishers among her clients, working with each to build lucrative databases, brand through email marketing and mine their data for money.

Starting in college radio (let's hear it for WTUL, New Orleans) moving to commercial radio, then zooming up the corporate ladder at the United Stations Radio Network, then starting her own company at the ripe age of 27 , Presslaff has consistently been keen on bringing media innovative products.

Technology beckoned when Ruth started her first company and created a reputation for building leading edge platforms and supporting them with hands-on,revenue-generating concepts.  She sold her company to Ceridian (owners of Arbitron, at the time), buying it back two years later and running it for twenty more successful years. Each year profitable, each year further establishing Presslaff as an expert in the field of database marketing.

In 2017, Presslaff sold to Second Street Media and maintains a strong relationship with Second Street, as well as consulting other companies on the value, use and opportunities found in their first party data.

Ruth is a sought after speaker and active MIW mentor, serving as President of the Board of the industry organization. She has been highlighted at numerous conferences around the world including the National Association of Broadcasters, Commercial Radio Australia, RAIN,RAB, Local Media Association and the Radio Advertising Bureau.

Catch Ruth at the Torrance, CA office…or on a prized free day, on the tennis court.

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