Rafson, Roger

Rafson, Roger

SVP Political/Issue Advocacy & Strategic Alliances at Gen Media Partners

Roger Rafson is a seasoned radio executive with expertise in political advertising. He is Senior Vice President, Political/Issue Advocacy & Strategic Alliances for Gen Media Partners. Rafson’s focus is on helping political and issue advertisers maximize the benefits of radio’s localism. He also works closely with Gen Media Partners’ client radio stations and groups that might need insight into the complexities of political advertising.

Rafson found his passion for radio early on, starting at age 11 as a studio engineer for the local high school football games. He eventually moved to on-air and then management.

When he saw the need for media buyers to easily access airtime on radio stations in small and medium sized markets throughout the United States, he established Commercial Media Sales (CMS). In 2013 Rafson sold his rep firm business to Gen Media Partners and joined GMP as their political specialist.

Small and Medium Market Radio Forum
Saturday, April 13 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM PT