Bouvard, Pierre

Bouvard, Pierre

Chief Insights Officer at Westwood One / Cumulus Media

Mr. Bouvard is Chief Insights Officer for Cumulus Media and Westwood One and leads their Audio Active Group, a media and creative advisory service.  Pierre works with national brands and agencies to craft targeting and measurement solutions.  The Audio Active Group is a full-service advisory offering media planning recommendations, creative best practices, and measurement services.

Previously, Pierre was SVP of Sales for TiVo Research & Analytics where he led cross-media targeting and measurement engagements for Procter & Gamble, Comcast, Turner Broadcasting, and NBCU. As President of Sales and Marketing for Arbitron Inc., Bouvard launched Arbitron's Portable People Meter (PPM) and created the out-of-home and custom research divisions.

Bouvard was also EVP at Coleman Insights, a leading radio industry market research and consulting firm.  At Coleman, he helped launch the nation's first Hip Hop radio stations in Los Angeles and New York City and shaped the programming and marketing strategies of successful major market radio stations.

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