Bell, Julie

Bell, Julie

Affiliate Sales Manager at Superadio

Julie’s entrance into radio began with being hired fresh out of college by Dan Vallie, as research director for a Washington, DC-area EZ Communications radio station. From there, she went on to work for his consultancy (alongside Dan, Jim Richards, Randy Lane and Mike Donovan). During those early years, as you might imagine, Julie gained invaluable knowledge working alongside such well-known and highly-regarded radio pros. 

Fast forward and Julie is currently Affiliate Sales Manager for Superadio, with over 30 years of experience (having worked for United Stations, Westwood One and Superadio). She has been on the affiliate teams for hundreds of programs/services (everything from Legends of Jazz with Ramsey Lewis to her current role as product manager for Alice’s Attic with Alice Cooper).

It is this unique and rare combination of experience that makes Julie especially able to understand the needs of radio stations--and particularly adept at working with PDs, GMs, owners, and consultants. She prides herself in being able to see situations from many chairs of a radio station. Julie is known for having your station’s best interest in mind—with affiliates often thinking of her as an extension of their team.

In her private life, Julie enjoys running, singing (she once sang at the Montreux Jazz Festival), and of course her family that includes three sons. Now that her sons are grown, she has also found time to volunteer locally to help prevent youth suicide--a cause she finds incredibly important to society... We're all connected.     


Small and Medium Market Radio Forum
Saturday, April 13 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM PT