Wynn, Diya

Wynn, Diya

Responsible AI Lead at Amazon (AWS)

Diya has more than 25 years of experience as a technologist and has been at AWS for more than six years. She leads global engagement with customers on Responsible AI. Diya has honed her skills in scaling products for acquisition, spearheading initiatives for inclusion, diversity & equity, leading operational transformation in enterprises across various industries, and leveraging the historical and social contexts that influence her approach to responsible and inclusive AI/ML products. She grew up in New York City, and by third grade, knew she wanted to pursue a career in computer engineering when she received her first computer —a time when not every household had a computer. Already embodying a relentless drive, she maintained her interest in computers.

Diya went on to pursue her degree in computer science at Spelman College, studied the Management of Technology at New York University, and AI & Ethics at MIT Sloan School of  Management and Harvard University Professional School. Diya is an international best-selling author and international speaker having presented at industry and DEI events across 15 countries including Ukraine, Belgium, Australia and for the United Nations General Assembly. Her model of leadership and advocacy has been recognized with the Sungard AS Pathfinder Award (2016), AWS Inclusion Ambassador Award (2020), Makers Influencers & Innovators in STEM (2021), ID&E Technologist of the Year (2022), 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics (2023), VentureBeat Women in AI - Responsible AI (2023) and Business Insiders Top 15 People in Enterprise AI and Top 100 People in AI (2023).

When she isn’t working hard on the future of AI, she’s working hard to influence the future. For Diya, this starts at home with her two sons but extends to the dozens she mentors, whom she encourages to color outside the lines, defy the odds, and redefine boundaries.

Leveraging Generative AI Responsibly: Balancing Benefits and Risks
Sunday, April 14 2:30 PM - 3:15 PM PT