Polansky,  Esq., Seth

Polansky, Esq., Seth

Partner at Law Office of Seth Polansky

SETH C. POLANSKY, a contracts, intellectual property, and start-up specialist, founded the professional firm Seth Polansky LLC in 2005. Through both this firm and his corporate experience, he has enjoyed a diverse and rewarding practice. In addition to working with private corporations, government and state agencies, he has counseled small businesses and artists in securing copyright, trademark and other intellectual property protection, and aided them in navigating contracts. He has also served as an Adjunct Professor of Contract and Procurement Law at the University of Maryland University College. In his spare time, Seth is programmer and bass player for his band blindtillnow, and works as a producer, composer, sound designer or location mixer/sound recordist on independent films. For more information on Seth, visit sethpolanskylaw.com.

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