Scott, Peter

Scott, Peter

Chief Strategy Officer at Play Anywhere

Pete Scott is currently the Chief Strategy Advisor for Play Anywhere Holdings, an interactive monetization platform that is helping sports leagues and IP holders create new revenue streams across gaming, ecommerce and interactive ads.   He is also the CSO for Plai Anywhere, a platform to secure and monetize IP training data sets for Gen Ai. 

He was recently the Vice President of Emerging Media and Innovation for Warner Media Discovery

In this role, Scott advises internal teams on new tech, trends and helping the company remain relevant in the new media world. Additionally, he is helping lead the strategy and operationalization of LIVE Virtual Productions, Sportsbetting, Ecommerce, Name Image and Likeness ( NIL), and Next Generation viewing experiences across the Turner Sports portfolio; NHL, NBA, MLB, USA Soccer and March Madness.   He also manages a portfolio of existing partnerships including but not limited to companies building next generation experiences including computer vision, AI, metaverse, NFT’s, Fan Tokens, etc.

As an Emmy award winning digital strategist and operator Pete has helped the company evolve and embrace a digital and direct to consumer mindset. 

Prior to his current role, Scott served as the Vice-President of Emerging Media for Turner Studios. While in this role, Scott was responsible for working with colleagues at TNT, TBS, and Adult Swim to onboard and operationalize new technology across production, post-production, visual effects, and content generation.  His unique hybrid background of TV and digital helped Studios digitally transform itself into viable resource for production on Twitter, FB, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat.  

In 2014, Pete partnered with Coca Cola, and Mercedes to established a technology incubator in Tel Avi , named the Bridge/Builder program.  The program that finds the best Israel technology companies in ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence, VR/AR, Machine Learning and Blockchain. The program has been a great pipeline for Warner Media and ATT@T while providing validation for the Bridge/Builder companies and the Israel start- up ecosystem.

Scott began his Turner career as a sound tech and editor for CNN, covering such major events as the war in Bosnia and the U.S. invasion of Haiti while working with international correspondents Christiane Amanpor and Nic Robertson.  In 2001, he transitioned to Turner Sports’ new media team where he laid the foundation for the development of Turner’s unique digital portfolio. He served as executive director of partnerships managing digital and mobile rights for,,, and as well as of March Madness Live. Scott also guided the day-to-day programming of interactive content on each of the sites, which included live streaming, interactive TV and mobile platforms.

Additionally, he helped to create a digital media team with diverse expertise that attracted attention from other professional leagues and their peers throughout the digital media industry. In 2010, he helped launch NCAA March Madness Live, the successful live streaming video experience that is now available across twenty three platforms  for the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship.  

Before Turner, Scott served as a senior video producer for where he produced and directed the first live college football game streamed online.  Before Fox, he served as a senior production manager of remote operations for Turner Sports, coordinating logistics for the production of NBA, NFL and MLB telecasts 

Scott earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in film and television, with a minor in business, from Boston University.

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