Bickham, Micah

Bickham, Micah

Director at Independent Professional

Micah Bickham is a leading voice in live performance content and large scale performance production.  From Apple TV +, To Amazon Prime, from HBO and many others, you can track the work that Micah has been directing in the live music and entertainment space for years.

Most recently, his direction for The Weeknd Live From SoFi Stadium for HBO as well as Amazon Prime’s live performance series ’Amazon Music Live’ has garnered note from production and streaming executives, to artist managers and labels.  Micah comes with a strong creative voice in live broadcast direction and is a killer creative collaborator.

With regard to his creative voice, Micah draws much of his inspiration for live production from narrative filmmaking.  This paradox within the live production space is what makes his work feel texturally different than almost any other director working in the same space.  

Micah is a powerhouse director and one of the best and most proficient voices in live music and entertainment today.

Though Micah currently lives in New York with his family, he’ll always call Texas home.