Zweibel, Tommy

Zweibel, Tommy

Head of Content at LA Clippers

As the Head of Content for the LA Clippers, Tommy Zweibel manages both creative strategies and digital production efforts, contributing to the organization's growth, revenue, and enhancement of brand affinity. In his role, he assumes the responsibilities of writing and directing the team's pregame introduction video, commercial advertisements, and engaging narrative sponsored content.

From a production standpoint, Zweibel is instrumental in formulating and executing workflows that effectively elevate the quality and volume of organic content associated with the team and its players. This meticulous approach enables the delivery of exclusive video and photographic content to fans in an almost real-time manner, while also employing various optimization techniques to ensure maximum viewership across all platforms.

Prior to his tenure with the Clippers, Zweibel honed his skills with the New York Knicks as their lead team content producer. There, he laid the groundwork for what would become a comprehensive, in-house creative department—a model he successfully implemented and expanded upon in Los Angeles.

Zweibel's professional journey commenced in linear television at MSG Varsity in New York in 2010, where he developed a broad skill set that spans cinematography, photography, production, direction, and post-production. This diverse expertise has been a cornerstone of his approach to content creation, enabling him to deliver compelling and innovative content solutions.

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