del Campo, Hermann

del Campo, Hermann

Managing Director at Zaibr Innovations GmbH

Hermann del Campo is a distinguished expert in AI with an extensive background that spans nearly a decade in the realm of artificial intelligence, coupled with over 15 years of crafting and executing automation and growth marketing solutions for media companies. His specialization lies in the application of AI to revolutionize the film industry, focusing on audio / video manipulation, metadata extraction and dubbing to create immersive experiences.

Hermann’s primary achievements involve leveraging AI technologies for advanced audio editing, enhancing voiceovers and soundtracks, and enabling realistic dubbing in multiple languages, thus broadening the global reach of film content. He leads initiatives on utilizing AI for dynamic sound design, offering filmmakers and content creators unprecedented control over their audio landscapes.

As a founder of Zaibr, a pioneering AI consulting firm, Hermann has directed numerous clients through the intricacies of AI, ensuring its seamless integration into their creative processes. His expertise is not only invaluable to radio stations, tv stations, production houses,   but also instrumental for agencies seeking to innovate in the media/dubbin/cinematic domain.

With a steadfast commitment to staying abreast of AI research and developments, Hermann disseminates his extensive knowledge with enthusiasm. He aims to empower others in the media industry to harness AI technology's potential, sharing insights into cutting-edge audio and video techniques, trends, and AI applications that redefine content creation and distribution. Follow his updates for a deep dive into the transformative impact of AI on the film industry, especially in areas of audio expertise and voice manipulation.

Beyond the Screen: Pioneering AI Dubbing in Cinema
Tuesday, April 16 2:30 PM - 2:50 PM PT