Saul, Anne

Saul, Anne

Cinematographer, Gaffer at Saulgood Media

Anne Saul is an award-winning Cinematographer, Gaffer, and educator with SaulgoodMedia, in Annapolis Maryland. After 11 years in higher education, Anne took a lesson from her students, and jumped headfirst into the world of lighting for film and fell in love!  Since then, LIGHT has been an obsession that has led her on many adventures as a Gaffer and Director of Photography. 

With over 8 years as a Gaffer, with films like “Night Waking” and the “Girl Who Left Home”, and over 20 years of photo and videography, Anne shifted her focus post pandemic to Director of Photography with films like festival favorite “Gloria’s Birthday” and the newly released feature “The Other You”.

Off set, Anne spends her time playing music, coaching future race drivers with BMW HPDE, and chilling out with her 11yr old 1st AC, Lily.

As a lifetime fan of learning, Anne has continued to prioritize educating and lifting up the next generation and women in all walks of life. Whether it’s a film set, a 5th grade music classroom, or a race circuit at 130mph, her priority to teach others to love learning is always first.



Directing Real People on Camera Boot Camp
Saturday, April 13 10:00 AM - 11:50 AM PT
The Road to EnLIGHTenment : A Cinematographers Guide to Finding Peace and Understanding with Lighting
Sunday, April 14 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM PT