Schwarz, Ben

Schwarz, Ben

Volunteer Secretariat at Ultra HD Forum / Greening of Streaming

Ben's career spans IT to telecoms and the evolving media landscape. With a foundation in IT at Logica CMG for a decade, he transitioned to being the CTO of a pioneering music start-up at the peak of the internet revolution. His journey continued at Orange for almost another decade, where he played a pivotal role in the convergence of telecoms with the internet and spearheaded numerous media-focused initiatives.​

An esteemed consultant and analyst since 2008, Ben has empowered global clientele with innovative strategies, business models, and technological insights. Not just limiting himself to consultancy, in 2012, he ventured into communications and PR, adding another layer of expertise to his repertoire.

Ben is a prolific writer who has authored over a dozen industry white papers and regularly contributes to multiple blogs. His commitment to the media sector is further showcased by his active participation in trade organisations since 2015, with his latest involvement being with the 'Greening of Streaming'.​

A long-standing advocate for sustainability, Ben has championed green initiatives since his youth. He is fervently involved in industry-led sustainability drives, stemming from his conviction that collective efforts are paramount to addressing global climate challenges.​

Currently based in Paris, you can connect with Ben and explore his professional journey on LinkedIn:

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